Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 28, 2018

Time To Renew European Democracy?

A leading Brexiter attended the Annual Awards dinner of the Political Studies Association , which, unknown to many, is “The organisation which brings together academics specialising in politics at British universities”. Our Brexiter reported that Dominic Grieve MP was Parliamentarian of the Year, while the International Recognition Award for 2018 was handed (in absentia) to none other than EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier, who was particularly commended for his “cool, consistent and rational manner” adding “You couldn’t make it up”.

The objectives of the Association are “to promote the development of political studies and to encourage education and the advancement of learning in the art and science of government and in other branches of the political sciences”.

The PSA holds “Citizens’ Assemblies, as a “Time To Renew European Democracy. Conference Co-Founded By The Europe For Citizens Programme Of The European Union. Participants will explore the value of Citizens’ Assemblies and consider whether we are at a point where they should or can start becoming a permanent part of European democracies.

“The conference concludes an EACEA funded project – Citizens’ Assemblies for the Renewal of Europe – that has held Citizens’ Assemblies across the EU this year, and brings together leading experts from both academia and civil society”.

One UK Labour MP supporting these assemblies wrote “The referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union failed to enable the diversity of British opinion to be heard”.

No, it simply enabled a national collective democratic vote. We might suppose opinions like that will dominate the next Labour manifesto?

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