Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 28, 2018

Labour Proposed New Local Plan Gets A Public Kicking

The Champion Letters  section is awash with bitter opposition to the Local Plan Review. Headlines include “…leaflet should have been labelled Fake News” from a Bickerstaffe Pensioner who declares it to be “A desperate and feeble attempt by the planners/Labour to try to sell their preferred options to us, in much the same way as selling Christmas to turkeys”. And “Well done Labour and planners-the only thing your brochure achieved was to convince us not to vote Labour”…seat to be contested in May 2019!

“Consultation is just a tick-box exercise” from Patrick Bell who quotes Shakespeare’s Hamlet “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark” and who disputes, with some force, the stated need for houses for Sefton and others within the Liverpool City Region. He also wants to see the minutes of the Local Plan Working Group, the authors of the document under consideration.

 The “Misguided and unrealistic scheme should be rejected” from Michael Richmond of Aughton who attended a consultation meeting addressed by Cllr John Hodson, during which doubts began to appear, one of which relates to Cllr Hodson’s claim of “affordable” housing in Aughton would be available at £64,000 per unit”. Incredulity!

“Make your views known” from Concerned, Tarleton, is what it says on the tin! “Relief that 15,000 or so new houses previously presented by the Tarleton parish council/Lilford Estates reduced to a far smaller number in the draft 30-year plan”.


  1. It will be interesting to see if Labour get a good kicking in the next election. They’ve truly earned it.

    • They are certainly in great danger. Bickerstaffe is one seat that they will surely lose, you only need to read about the anger there.

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