Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 28, 2018

Don’t Be Fooled By All The Scare Stories And False Views

Another Champion letter , from new Labour Cllr Ron Cooper  of Tanhouse, expresses surprise at seeing an OWL political party story in the Champion. Really, a politician claiming it to be well known that ex-Tory, Cllr Adrian Owens’ main objective is to undermine the good work that the Labour party is doing for the borough! OWL is an opposition party, which might not agree with what Labour is doing for the borough, in case you missed the obvious?

He adds “The Tories and OWL (Tory splinter group) [Howls of derision from OWLs] are putting out scare stories and false views about the new Local Plan…dismayed to hear the disdain in which the Tories hold the people of Skelmersdale…they made it clear they don’t want an invasion of “undesirables” from Liverpool”.

“Many residents of Aughton have come from working class background from Liverpool. We need affordable housing in the borough and planned developments, not a free-for-all and massive “executive homes” that only benefit the developers’ bank balances.

“The new Local Plan shows that our Labour-controlled council can be ambitious for our borough and is safeguarding the green belt”. Well, pardon me, but an admission of Labour reducing the Green belt by a “mere” 1.7% is an admission Labour didn’t safeguard that green belt! And, those fields are shovel-ready, even more profits for the big developers!

“This new plan takes advantage of economic growth in neighbouring regions and allows West Lancashire to be part of those new business opportunities” which doesn’t explain why so called Duty to Co-Operate is only with metropolitan, massively central government funded councils, and is a one way street!

Cllr Cooper wants us to read the plan documents and don’t be fooled by the scare stories. Shouldn’t the tenant farmers and farm workers of Bickerstaffe be scared then?


  1. Labour double standards. They opposed the Tory greenbelt grab, but their own -which eclipses the Tory grab by a country mile in it’s scope- is alright! All Labour have shown since they got into power is that they are NO DIFFERENT from the Tories. What Labour also display is the very real need to have INDEPENDENT politicians in council. West Lancs is badly let down by its red Tories.

  2. Actually, the best way of protecting the Greenbelt from ‘grab’ is to have a strategic Plan such as we are proposing – why on earth do you think we are dumping ‘Safeguarded’ land?!! The OWLS can gain brownie points ( and you seem to have a strong bias towards them) by promising anything safe in the knowledge that they will never be in a position of power to make such decisions – unless of course they form a coalition with their old stablemates the Tories, in which case they will adopt Safeguarding and open up all of the 90.5% Greenbelt to developers. Think that one through!

    • Good morning Cllr Hodson. On reading your comments I thought to myself “I used to think better of Cllr Hodson” but it seems I was wrong. If you detect bias, it is my right as the website owner to be biased without lectures from you. You give an opinion on OWLs as independents as promising anything safe etc. If my memory serves me right YOU were once an independent, were all your opinions then truly your own, or with bias to one opinion or another? As for your somewhat snide “Think that one through” remark, what YOU should think through is my indulgence of any local view, be it Labour, OWL, or Tory, appearing on this website.

  3. Good morning also, actually my comments on bias and political ramifications were directed to wlbcarepants whoever that is, apologies not not being clear.

    • Whoever wlbcarepants is really doesn’t matter so far as I am concerned, I allow such comments and will delete any that I feel should be deleted. In the circumstances that arose today your reply didn’t even mention wlbcarepants. Your apology wouldn’t be necessary had you done so.

  4. Should say ‘for not being clear’

  5. Ah yes, the blue tories made the very same claim about “protecting” the greenbelt, whilst being attacked by labour.Now the shoe is on the other foot, what’s changed? Oh yes, the red tories now severely limit the number of people allowed to consultations. Divide and conquer. You’re really showing the other tories how to do it.

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