Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 26, 2018

Council Closed Doors Decisions?

OWLs  claim the West Lancashire Borough Council appears so ashamed of its new service standards for street cleansing and grass cutting that the decision to approve it was taken behind closed doors. Only Labour and Conservative councillors have been involved in formal discussions, but Our West Lancashire councillors inform us that the new standards mean some fly tips will take three times as long to be cleared and street cleansing frequencies are being reduced, while a litter bin review is underway to “de-clutter the streets”. 

Before these approved plans take effect, Our West Lancashire  will be bringing this information out into the public domain and making proposals to ensure that West Lancashire is as green and clean as possible.

The LCC is also changing street lighting. OWLs suggest there is a proposal to switch off some street lights between midnight and 5am which is alarming given the shortage of police and will save a relative pittance – better to reduce benefits to county councillors.


  1. So much for WLBC’s proud former claims of transparency. It seems that only some of the Councillors are transparent!

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