Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 23, 2018

Sold Down The Brexit River?

I’ve lived through 17 Prime Minister-ships, and I can’t recall one being worse than Theresa May, not even the appalling liar Edward Heath , the idiotic John Major, and the economically illiterate Gordon Brown. Remainer May apparently has neither intelligence nor honesty, just plain bluster, as I heard her today on the radio. What’s plan B if you can’t get your deal through?” – “I’m focused on getting it through” — “But what’s plan B?” — “More uncertainty & division” — “What’s plan B?” — “I’m focused on getting it through” — “And plan B is?” — “More uncertainty & division”. Unbelievable .

The renowned QC Martin Howe writes “Within the draft Withdrawal Agreement (“WA”), 175 pages consist of a Protocol whose formal title is “Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland”, together with 10 detailed Annexes which form part of it. Informally it is called the Northern Irish “backstop” protocol. Neither its formal nor its informal title really describes it. It should be called “the whole UK permanent lock-in protocol with extra lock-in for Northern Ireland.”

He tells us that “Most of its provisions do not come into force until the end of the transition period. However, at that point and in the absence of an agreement between the UK and the EU to the contrary, the whole Protocol will come into force and will require the whole of the UK to stay in a Customs Union with the EU, in which the UK has no vote on the tariffs to be charged, or on with whom to do or not do trade deals, but will be obliged to follow the EU’s tariffs at all times. It will require Northern Ireland (unlike Great Britain) to be subject to a large number of EU Single Market regulations and directives, and customs and tax rules.

“Finally – and this is the most important point – the UK has no right under the treaty either to prevent the Protocol coming into effect or, once it is in force, to leave it, unless the EU agrees. In this regard, the Protocol is unique amongst trade agreements, which invariably contain clauses allowing each party the right to withdraw on notice.

“If the Protocol comes into force, the UK cannot exit from it without a “joint” decision (meaning the EU has a veto) in the ‘joint committee’ (article 20 of the Protocol). This absence of a clause allowing withdrawal on notice is unprecedented in the EU’s own trade agreements with non-member countries. Under international law, future governments and Parliaments would be locked in and be bound by the treaty concluded by this government”.

“If the UK fails to agree to the EU’s demands, the Protocol automatically comes into effect and lasts indefinitely, giving the EU tariff-free access for its £95bn trade surplus in goods and keeping up the EU’s external tariff wall around the UK market as a barrier against competing goods from non-EU countries.

“Under the backstop, the UK would have to follow the EU’s external trade policy and apply EU import tariffs. This would kill stone dead the chances of the UK following an independent trade policy after Brexit. We would not be able to offer tariff concessions to free trade partners, so they would have no incentive to offer us concessions on say services which we would want to export to them”.

“Where dumping affects UK industries, the UK will have no right to take anti-dumping action to protect its own interests. The UK would be totally dependent on the EU to take action. If UK industries but no EU industries are affected, why should we expect the EU to do that?

“It is quite extraordinary for one of the leading trading nations of the world to be a complete rule taker on its trade policy in this way. This one-sided Customs Union arrangement would destroy the ability of the UK to take advantage of the freedom brought by Brexit to forge a new independent trade policy and would shackle us permanently to being a dependency of the EU”.

Today, Theresa May refused three times to say if she might resign if MPs reject her deal. I wasn’t asked to support a deal, and having no deal is the Brexit I anticipated. If the EU doesn’t like to continue to trade with us, for their £95billions surplus and our deficit, perhaps they might just bugger off and not try to make us an EU colony?


  1. She’s just so awful. Gutless almost – but sly with it. The conniving with that duplicitous plank of wood Ollie Robbins, behind the backs of both Davies & Raab would out-slime iago himself. I have watched with dismay as a no deal leave Brexit decision has been conflated into a lexicon of the usual – ‘crashing out brexit’; ‘suicidal brexit’; ‘disaster brexit’; etc, etc. She, a remainer should absolutely never have been given the keys to number 10 – and if Brexit, true Brexit doesn’t happen then I really do fear for this country.

    • Yes, absolutely awful. It’s been a conspiracy from the day of the referendum result, how dare we want to leave the EU.

  2. …. and people who are calling for the referendum to be respected are being appallingly trashed in public by historian Dan Snow, politician Andrew Adonis, the obnoxious Alistair Campbell & the incredibly rude broadcaster, James O’Brien. They’ve variously been described as ‘Headbangers’ ‘Zealots’, ‘Fundamentalists’, ‘Brexit Jihadists’, ‘Far Right Elitists’ & ‘Extreme Xenophobes’…..

    • It’s ironic that the BBC has been so one sided, biased, enough to give these people publicity, free to oppose democracy, and now finds itself so short of cash it will charge over 75s, those who the remainers apparently hope will die because they support Brexit, the annual licence fee.

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