Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 23, 2018

Serco Guilty Of Planning Conditions Breach, So What?

Serco Leisure Operating Ltd holds the current £1million annual leisure contract for West Lancashire Borough Council, and its abysmal and contemptuous management of the Beacon Park Golf Course has merited a Breach of Planning Condition notice for illegal landfill, of which by ignoring its time limit, it is guilty.

It seems not to matter to Serco that, notwithstanding its own admission, in a meeting attended by its senior management with the Beacon Park Golf Club members’ management committee, 40,000 cubic metres of landfill have to be removed off the old locked up  driving range area, which, according to its own website advertising of the golf course , is still open today as its matrix shows.

A letter to WLBC today states “I refer you to

“You will see it refers, today, to Facilities “Beacon Park Golf Centre has a range of facilities offering an excellent choice of golfing activities, a clubhouse and free parking. We offer a golf club loan service and baskets of balls for the driving range”.

“This is a gross public misrepresentation of the facilities at the golf course which as you know has no driving range due to landfill, now the subject of Breach of Planning Conditions. During my regular visits to the course I have seen no golf clubs on loan nor baskets of balls to hit on the imaginary, illusionary, driving range. The recently installed driving cages are closed due to failure of Health and Safety regulations.

“When will WLBC insist on Serco Leisure Operating Ltd publishing what IS available and not what it IMAGINES might be available?”.

Does the Serco tail wag the WLBC dog?

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