Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 23, 2018

Proposals Outlined To Save LCC £77m By Lost Jobs

 Lancashire County Council’s Cabinet is set to consider a number of proposals which could save the authority £77m over the next four years. Members will be asked at a meeting on Monday, December 3 to approve the package of measures which will help reduce an anticipated deficit at the council to £46m by 2022/23.

Work is set to continue to reduce this amount further to ensure the council no longer needs to rely on its reserves. Like many other councils across the country the council is needing to continue to look at how it can deliver services more efficiently given increasing demand and reducing budgets.

Measures include bringing some services in-house, greater use of digital technology, working to keep older people out of long term residential care and projects to help families where children are at risk of going into local authority care.

The Leader, Cllr Driver said “While we are not a business we must be business-like and it is essential we balance the books just like everyone else. At the same time our priority is to ensure we protect the most vulnerable people in Lancashire. While there are a number of posts which will be lost under these proposals, I promise we will do our absolute best to avoid compulsory redundancy.

“In fact we have a number of new jobs which will be created under these schemes so there is an opportunity for redeployment and a number of the at risk posts are currently vacant. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our staff for everything they continue to do for the people of Lancashire, despite ever increasing demands and expectations, coupled with increasing costs and reducing resources.”

In total there will be a reduction of 163.77 permanent positions lost if all the proposals are accepted. Thirty of these positions are currently vacant. A total of 104.75 FTE permanent positions will be created and an expected 65 FTE temporary staff employed for 2 years to deliver the programmes.

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