Tragically Amused By The Sheer Lunacy Of It All

“It all” contained in a Champion letter  describing the blatant disregard for common sense, “Green Belt laws”, for the proposed affordable housing development on the fields opposite Town Green School, and all in the name of the Labour Local Plan proposals, as seen through the eyes of an Aughton resident since 1986.

“Aughton simply doesn’t have the infrastructure for the current population let alone another 800+, probably 1,200+. One councillor actually said at this meeting that they would not have the budget to address the state of the roads we have for the foreseeable future. What about the proposal affecting top grade farmland which post-Brexit will be invaluable for the local farming economy. There are other more suitabvle sites for the “affordable” houses that were voiced in the meeting, places that already have the infrastructure in place to accommodate more residents”.

Aughton resident feels these suggestions will fall on deaf ears, the head saying this is all about money and profit. No matter what anyone says this will happen and our nice village will just have to deal with the consequences. Too many cars on roads not fit for purpose coupled with the early morning rush hour runs the consequence of a child’s life.

But surely this proposed Local Plan will produce Garden Villages, as described by page 3  of the Labour glossy leaflet. The wonderful concept that will change public attitudes to new housing development, where people will feel connected to each other! They will bring the countryside into the villages…really? Won’t they bring townships into our villages and countryside? Will they really bring “walkable, vibrant, healthy and sociable communities with good access to cycling and public transport infrastructure?

Here’s a concept of a creative mind, that a “Garden Village” will start with people rather than buildings, land for start-ups, as with a carpenter building a workshop and taking on an apprentice, new build community barns, market buildings, contemporary yards, a work hub, a “vibrant” working economy promoting “vibrant” streets with busy shops and cafes and popular community facilities.

Readers may have noticed the advert for the “Calendar Girls Musical” show? It’s not widely known that these wonderful ladies train in Aughton’s green and pleasant land . Building on our greenbelt will bring an end to their presence here, and that will be a shame!

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