Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 19, 2018

Serco Failing Young Golfers

While we read daily of the shambles created by Serco Leisure Operating Ltd at the Beacon Park Golf Course, planning disaster following planning disaster, yet another failure to provide useable golf facilities goes on almost unnoticed.

When Serco stripped the heart out of driving practice by destroying the old driving range in search of landfill royalty riches, they eventually placed some practice driving cages near the clubhouse. This encouraged one senior golfer to help junior golfers by teaching them driving skills. There was soon a small but enthusiastic group of juniors, who, it is hoped, might play on the new 9hole enterprise (heap!).

But the new cages were badly designed and placed, causing rebounding off the cages onto the wall and windows of the nearby clubhouse. Needless to say, the cages were closed. We last reported on it in October. There has been no progress since. This picture showing cages taped off was taken today. 

Nor, amazingly, is there a useable practice putting green, that too is closed . You’d think golf course operators would provide golf course facilities. Not a bit of it, Serco doesn’t do quality golf, it just does crap!

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