Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 16, 2018

The West Lancashire New Local Plan-Explained By Labour

Readers will be aware of the Labour glossy leaflets popping through doors, all to “Dispel some of the myths and misinformation around the proposed preferred options in the New Local Plan”. They have been the cause of anger, disbelief, peddling of myths, mainly because of the 30 year plan.

Page 1 is used by Labour to pin the blame on the Conservative Government and claims the 30 year plan approach will place West Lancashire Council in line with the Government National Planning Policy Framework which requires planning authorities to plan strategically for a minimum 15 year period. And, they claim, it is now mandatory to review a Local Plan every five years. 

We, residents and taxpayers, know all about the Labour viewpoint on leaving the council open to the whim of developers that result in less, if there is a less than none, consideration for infrastructure, sustainability or the wider impact on Local Authorities, just ask residents of Burscough!

In this first page of the Labour Glossy there is reference to the “Conservatives peddling the myth of a light touch review and that the current Local Plan is delivering enough houses for our needs” which Labour claims is factually incorrect. As Labour puts it “There is no such thing in Planning as a light touch review, a review is a review!”. They may be right, and in 2013 there was no “light touch” from the Tory Plan that spawned outright hostility to it.

 Well, the Local Government Association offers the use of the Planning Advisory Service to LAs and it claims that PAS Support means “Getting planning right is important for councils. It allows them to manage development, ensuring that the best possible outcomes are delivered for places. It requires political and technical leadership and engaged communities”, something we will discuss when we look at page 2 of the Labour glossy.


  1. The thing about the Tory Plan was that it was crap and they ignored the will of the people. But you EXPECT such arrogance from hideous Conservatives. Labour however, have shown themselves to be even WORSE than the Conservatives. Because instead of making things better for the many, they’ve just popped their next Dom Perignon.

    • That’s right, and weren’t the Conservatives hideous, their Aughton Cllr Wally Westley accusing campaigners against the plan of telling lies door to door. But we knew who was really the liar, as he was caught in a libel, that HE claimed was for the public good! Happily he’s led his local party to the brink of oblivion. Labour now says its plan is a common sense plan. But its plan to protect the majority of the Borough’s countryside guarantees the loss of agriculture, including food and jobs.

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