Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 15, 2018

New Aughton Residents Group Website

The Aughton Residents Group has changed its website and is found here, below, from today onwards.

The old existing website giving access to previous information/historical documents etc is still accessible using the tab at the top right hand corner of the new website home page.

“In 2013, the land bordered by Parrs Lane, Long Lane and Prescot Road,  lost its green belt status and was included in the current adopted WLBC Local Plan (2012 -2027) as a Plan B safeguarded site (supposedly safeguarded FROM development until 2027 with stringent conditions attached) .

“The developers REDROW proposed the building of some 250 dwellings and WAINHOMES some 150 dwellings (Total 400 dwellings).

“The Aughton Residents’ Group, ARG(2012) was formed to oppose those proposed developments and has done so at various Public Inquiries and Appeal Hearings. We continue to do so as this land (now both sides of Parrs Lane – total proposed dwellings now 900) and some further 2000 + dwellings in the Ormskirk Area is included in WLBC’S Policy SP8 of the New Emerging Plan Proposed Options Paper which covers the period 2012 -2050”.

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