Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 14, 2018

Serco Proposal For Beacon Park Golf Course Condemned

In a craven attempt to placate the members of the Council owned Beacon Park Golf Course, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd [SLOL], convicted by default of a Breach of Planning Condition imposed on them on 16 May 2018 for which time runs out today , has badly misjudged the determination of the Senior Section to stand up for their course.

It is clearly apparent that WLBC, notwithstanding the contractual and leasehold obligations made by SLOL so as to receive its annual leisure services fees of circa £1,000,000, will not act to enforce the removal of the excess material placed on the driving range off the course altogether but will allow SLOL to simply move it elsewhere on the 1st fairway.

SLOL is not renowned for its golf course design and management, but give it a sniff of untold quantities of landfill royalties, hide them under “Commercial in Confidence” rights and SLOL is like a weasel down a rabbit hole, along with its partner in landfill Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, now long gone with its share.

The determination of the Beacon Park Senior Section was displayed recently in letters they sent to WLBC and via Rosie Cooper MP. They want the course unchanged, meaning the excess material stays on the driving range as a monument  to SLOL level of incompetence in foot golf design. Or the excess material goes off the course altogether.

The accumulation of landfill came in 23,375 lorry loads. It took years and caused untold misery on the wider community by dust, dirt on roads, congestion, and general disruption. Yet, this week, Rupert Soames  the Chief Executive Officer of Serco Group Plc wrote to a Senior Golfer who wants the rubbish off the course and has stated in writing that “Relocating the infill on the course will unfortunately cause some temporary disruption to the course however relocating this to the previously agreed areas does keep any impacts contained within the golf course. It should be borne in mind that the alternative option you suggest of movement off site of all the material, which we have also looked at, would cause a similar, or possibly greater, degree of disruption beyond the site affecting the wider community over a similar timeframe due to the likely significant number of HGV movements involved”. It was alright as a royalty payment came with loads IN, but it is not alright for loads OUT with no royalty involved.

This WLBC will consider a new planning application from convicted SLOL to remove from play the 1st hole; create temporary tees for the 2nd Hole; make access to the 2nd tee via the 1st fairway; propose to split the 18th Hole into two holes; propose to fence off the whole of the works area; propose controlled crossing points; lay temp track to protect the 1st fairway; re-measure the temporary course applying a new stroke compliance with CONGU rules. Not to mention work to move rubbish off the new 9Hole course and provide drainage for it that was forgotten in the rush to dump landfill there!

Is it any wonder that Beacon Park Golf Club Senior members  do not believe a word from SLOL and that the 14 month period allowed for to achieve the proposed changes mentioned above will be too much for the integrity of the Beacon Park Golf Course to be maintained?

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