Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 14, 2018

Letter To The Champion About The Local Plan

“Concerned of Aughton” writes  that “Our Community Needs To Speak Up About Local Plan Before It’s Too late”. Perhaps not concerned enough to have attended the Aughton Parish Council meeting on Monday?

The letter goes on “Now that the council have published the West Lancs Local Plan, I have been surprised at what seems to be a subdued response from the local community.

“There are many elements in the plan that need to be challenged (the scale of what is planned, compared to actual need and the potential impact on the transport system in and around Orsmkirk, to name but two).

“This isn’t “nimbyism” or trying to resist any sort of change, but the current proposals will have a huge impact on West Lancashire and it’s vital that the community gets actively involved in shaping their own future by making their views known through the consultation process and any other means.

“Ambitious urban planning schemes carried out by councils have a track record of creating problems that have blighted communities for generations. People may be content to put their trust in West Lancs Council and hope for the best this time, or prefer not to make the effort and then spend the future moaning about what has been done to their community.

“Personally I’d rather do what I can to hold our elected representatives to account before the bulldozers move in. Concerned, Aughton”.

I’ve borrowed this picture  from Roger Blaxall of the excellent QLocal website just to show “Concerned of Aughton” how concerned people are.  The three glums  even turned up from Halsall, such was the desire to hear Cllr John Hodson deliver his pearls of wisdom on the proposed local plan. 

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