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Merseyside Housing Under The Spotlight

A hot potato last night at the John Hodson session of the Aughton Parish Council was a claim by a resident that the WLBC planners had provided a precise figure of 6,238   homes for future housing needs for the Merseyside area.

A strategic development paper also refers to “4,560 dwellings  (48+72 dwellings x 38 years) of 6,256 dwellings of unmet need from the LCR should be delivered in the Skelmersdale and the South-Eastern Parishes spatial area”.

The remaining 1,696 dwellings of unmet LCR need should therefore be distributed between the Western Parishes (20%), Ormskirk and Aughton (45%), Burscough and the Central Parishes (25%) and the Northern Parishes (10%), with the proportions reflecting the relative sustainability of the areas, constraints to development and their connectivity to the north of Sefton in housing market terms.

Over 800 dwellings are anticipated to come forward under the current Local Plan in Ormskirk and Aughton, leaving a need to identify sufficient sites to allocate under the new Local Plan to accommodate around 2,200 dwellings. Not many more spuds to be grown in Aughton, that’s for sure if this plan becomes reality!


  1. The Green Belt is an important protection against urban sprawl, the Government stands resolutely behind restricting development in the Green Belt. However, on the other hand the Government has delegated to local authorities the right to adjust the Green Belt boundaries as part of the Local Plan Process in order to meet local housing needs Therefore, the Green Belt is the Green Belt as long as the local council does not need it for development as part of its Local Plan. WLBC is trying establish this need in the Preferred Local Plan, which will examined by the Planning Inspectorate. The Proffered Local Plan will be nobbled from the outset by closed-door political fixes pushed through by the Council’s Cabinet Members. The Council’s Preferred Local Plan contains proposals contrary to Green Belt policy! The need for housing is not in doubt, but the purchase price of the type of housing that construction companies will no doubt want to build. i.e. Lathom Pastures, Firswood Road ( Announcing its results for the year to the end of July 2018 Bellway said it had completed 10,307 homes at an average price of just over £260,000.) not for 1st time buyers then, maybe ‘buy-to-let’ landlords, do we want to give up the green belt forever for this? In twenty-three years time who knows what the need will be, HOUSING OR FOOD, bearing in mind BREXIT, CLIMATE CHANGE AND CHANGING GOVERNMENTS IMMIGRATION POLICIES ?

    • What can I say in response to these comments? But “closed-door political fixes pushed through by the Council’s Cabinet Members” is a bit strong? Tell me more! As for affordable housing for 1st time buyers, there won’t be any in Aughton.

        It is recommended that members of the press and public be excluded
        from the meeting during consideration of the following items of
        business in accordance with Section 100A(4) of the Local Government
        Act 1972 on the grounds that they involve the likely disclosure of
        exempt information as defined in paragraphs 1 & 2 (an individual) & 3
        (financial/business affairs) of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Act and as,
        in all the circumstances of the case the public interest in maintaining
        the exemption under Schedule 12A outweighs the public interest in
        disclosing the information.
        (Note: No representations have been received about why the meeting
        should be open to the public during consideration of the following items

        Meeting summary for Councillor XXXXXXXXXX
        12/06/2018 Cabinet ,12/06/2018 Present
        18/07/2018 Cabinet ,18/07/2018 Present
        11/09/2018 Cabinet ,11/09/2018 Present
        17/10/2018 Cabinet ,17/10/2018 Present
        06/11/2018 Cabinet ,06/11/2018 Present
        18/07/2018 Council ,18/07/2018 Present
        17/10/2018 Council ,17/10/2018 Present
        Private meeting, 06/06/2018 Present
        Private meeting, 31/10/2018 Expected
        Private meeting, 23/07/2018 Apologies received
        Private meeting, 04/09/2018 Present
        Private meeting, 13/11/2018 Expected

        Your West Lancashire extracted at random


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