Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 13, 2018

I Speak As A Resident…We Are Reducing The County Deficit!

Last night in the APC public questions session about the Local Plan Review who should catch the eye of the Parish Council Chairman, none other than County/Borough Cllr O’Toole who, upon stating he was speaking only as a resident of Aughton, promptly told us about how the LCC was reducing the county deficit. Groans and muttering in the seated ranks about “bonehead” and such niceties!

He didn’t mention that we, council tax payers, are beseeched to clear leaves from the top of drains to prevent them from becoming blocked. “Lancashire County Council highways staff estimate that around 4 out of 5 reports received during recent heavy rain were found to be caused by leaves plugging the grates , rather than a more serious maintenance issue”. And, “Blocked drains can lead to flooding during heavy rain, however the majority of problems could potentially be prevented simply by removing leaves from the top of the drain. People are being asked to consider clearing any debris away themselves if it’s safe to do so before reporting them. The county council maintains over 300,000 roadside drains with those most at risk of becoming blocked being checked most often”. Many residents do it anyway, even while their county tax is hoisted by 6%!

Nor did he mention that Lancashire County Council is proposing to cut Household Waste Recycling Centres in Burscough  and Skelmersdale from the current 7 day service to just 5 days a week, while also reducing opening hours across every recycling depot by an hour a day. This will see a number of staff redundancies, as LCC faces significant financial challenges. All service areas have been targeted to carry out cuts in the form of efficiency reviews despite the council increasing taxes by 6% last April, with further increases to come”.

It’s been announced that Lancashire is to receive the North West’s second-largest share of the road repair money announced in the budget last month. The county council area will be given £10.2m, with the standalone authorities in Blackpool and Blackburn in line for £532,000 and £855,000 respectively. Cumbria tops the allocation list with a £12m grant. County Hall says it is waiting for advice from the government about whether the money is to be reserved for any particular purpose or type of road. How about those we drive on, that might be OK?

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