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How Serco Intends To make Changes To The Beacon Park Golf Course

It is beyond dispute that on 18 April 2011 a Transport Statement by URS/Scott Wilson  was published for its client Edward Landor, agent for Beacon Park Golf Club, in respect of the Beacon Park Golf Course. “URS Corporation Ltd has been commissioned by Beacon Park Golf Club to prepare a Transport Statement to support a planning application for the redevelopment of the Beacon Park Golf Club. Phase 2 would be the “Remodelling of existing golf range to provide perimeter mounding and improve targets with 35,000m3 of inert soil. For the complete project it is estimated that 187,000m3 of inert materials are to be transported to the site using 23,375 HGVs carrying an average of 8m3 per delivery”.

By Serco’s own admission, in a meeting attended by its senior management with the Beacon Park Golf Club members’ management committee, 40,000 cubic metres of landfill have to be removed off the old driving range area .

Last night, Mark Coleridge (Serco Senior Technical Director) Phil Miken (Serco project manager for the landfill and nine hole changes) Sallly Kurton (Area manager Serco), and Mark Snaylam (Project manager Serco) gave what is described as a very polished presentation of what’s going to happen to the excess landfill on the driving range and also the improvements to the nine-hole par 3 course.

A picture of an OHP slide presented by Serco shows their plans to change the course, and how removing the excess landfill will affect the course. They said a planning application goes in, to WLBC, next week and will be shown on line as it becomes public.

The statement that 40,000 cubic metres of landfill have to come off the driving range area is proof if proof was needed that blatant excess land-filling breached the legal, by planning law, limit. The driving range will then eventually become a foot golf course. It confirms that dumping 75,000 cubic metres and accepting the accompanying load royalties were to all intents fraudulent.

What evidence is there that a reduction of 40,000 cubic metres is enough to create any further use of the land-filled driving range?

Other proposals include; The excess landfill will be placed on the first hole; The first hole will be closed for the period of work (54 weeks planned); The depression in the first fairway will be filled; The first green will be elevated because of landfill (New drainage, imported turf and top soil); The second hole will be shortened as the tee box will be moved forward; The 18th hole will become a par 4 and a par three (ie temporary green and tee area for the par 3; There will be a drainage system introduced to the 9hole course; Some of the current landfill will come off the nine-holer and be placed/shaped to the side of the 18th; The nine-holer will be safe enough and good enough to be opened to the public when the work is finished; The course will be re-measured to CONGU regulations; Work will start in early March. SERCO are currently negotiating with contractors to complete the work; There was some talk about a reduction in course playing fees for next year and the figure of 50% was heard but not determined.

Meanwhile a quantity surveyor for a construction company estimated that the 40,000 cubic metres of excess landfill which now has to be removed, already having generated royalties, delivered on a lorry carrying 8.5 cubic metres per load, would have involved 4,706 lorry loads of excess landfill on the driving range. At £200 per load suggests royalty creation of £941,200. Extending the calculation to 23,375 HGVs suggests royalty creation of £4,675,000. Where is it? Who knows, but that’s the next task for those who intend to find out! 


  1. So…they profit by breaking planning law, and get away with it! Brown envelopes all round?

    • Refusal to provide open and transparent accountability under the guise of “Commercial in Confidence ” gives rise to suspicions of “Landfill in Confidence” and to hell with accountability of royalty income on a vast scale.

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