Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 4, 2018

Where There’s Death There’s Hope?

Labour Euro MP Richard Corbett  goaded Brexiteers by boasting how younger pro-Brussels voters will within weeks be in a majority in the UK simply because older anti-EU voters were dying off.

Corbett, Labour’s leader in the European Parliament, suggested that this would hand victory to Remain if a second referendum was called, saying ‘As someone joked to me the other day, where there’s death, there’s hope.’ Clearly not an intellectual giant among the Labour left?

The provocative remark came amid forecasts that January 19 will be Brexit “crossover day” the date when death rates mean pro-Brexit voters will be outnumbered by younger Remainers. Is this insult to the older anti-EU voters discriminatory? Probably!

Arch-Brexiteers reacted with fury to the “death and hope” remark. Tory MP Peter Bone said “This remark is as tasteless as it is misguided. In their zeal to defy democracy and overturn the verdict of the 2016 referendum, arch-Remainers wrongly assume that the clear majority for Leave is dwindling. But that wilfully ignores the well-known fact that with age comes wisdom, and that many people who voted Remain now see they were wrong to do so in the first place”.

Corbett needs to take a look in the House of Lords during debates. Some of them can hardly walk, shuffling around as though in a care home, which they are. Many ex EU Commissioners whose pensions reflect their devotion to the EU project sit there. Such a conflict of interests. Does Corbett want THEM dead to give hope?

We, the old buggers who won’t die off without a fight, take solace and rejoice in the fact of Richard Corbett being made redundant and in the ranks of the UK unemployed on 31 March 2019. I’ll drink to that! 

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