Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 1, 2018

Impermissable Brexit Funding

Apparently the National Crime Agency is investigating Arron Banks and his Leave.EU campaign for alleged offences committed at the 2016 EU referendum. Mr Banks and another senior campaign figure, Liz Bilney, were referred to the agency by the Electoral Commission.

The watchdog said it suspected money given to the campaign came “from impermissible sources”. Mr Banks denied any wrongdoing and said he welcomed the National Crime Agency investigation.

He said he was “confident that a full and frank investigation will finally put an end to the ludicrous allegations levelled against me and my colleagues. There is no evidence of any wrongdoing from the companies I own. I am a UK taxpayer and I have never received any foreign donations. The Electoral Commission has produced no evidence to the contrary”. he added in a statement.

He claimed the Electoral Commission had acted “under intense political pressure from anti-Brexit supporters”.

As I recall, the UK Government spent £millions on telling us why we should remain . Doesn’t the UK Government make vast profits from dodgy dealings with dodgy countries, those it sells arms to, in order to suppress the populations? 

I read that “Vote Leave campaigners are left reeling after it was disclosed that the government was to shell out £9.3 million, of what is deemed to be taxpayers’ money, on leaflets that will spell out the pros of staying in the EU. Leaflets that, over the coming weeks, will be delivered to every single household in the country. As is usually the case, the country has been left divided by their respective political allegiances. Eurosceptics are furious, Europhiles rather grateful”. 

And “I think it is deeply disappointing that the government is going to spend taxpayers’ money in a bid to distract the media headlines away from the allegations of offshore banks that have dogged the prime minister. Our money should not be used on propaganda, trying to buy votes”.

Presumably the National Crime Agency will investigate why £9.3million of those profits from impermissible sources affected the referendum? Just asking.

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