Posted by: westlancashirerecord | November 1, 2018

I received a Dear Alan Letter

A few minutes ago I spotted Wally Westley approaching my front door. He dropped some litter through my letter box and slithered away quickly, before I could tell him to take his litter home.

So I decided to open it. It’s the usual craven rubbish we expect from him, “Dear Alan”. This from the man who told the press “Lies were told door to door ” and the campaign was a “waste of time” about the residents’ campaign against his party introducing the 2013 local plan including housing development on Parrs Lane. The man who would libel someone who he alleged had sent a letter offering a view on pre-determination. Wrong person, Wally! He even copied the libel to the Aughton Parish Council, the local party at prayer!

Anyway, back to the letter. “Dear Alan, I am delighted to have been re-selected to be the Conservative Candidate for Aughton & Downholland Ward in next May’s Election for West Lancashire Borough Council. Over the next 6 months I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible while I am canvassing door to door. In the meantime, I would like to know the key issues that are personally important to you and your families. Please take the time to complete the survey below and over the page and return it to me”.

Well, Wally, what can I say? I cannot share your delight at your re-selection as the Conservative Candidate in Aughton & Downholland, but I do understand the limited human resources on call. I would prefer that you stayed in Halsall and instead gave us all local Aughton residents to vote for. In your letter in respect of the Labour Local Plan proposals you claim you will “Fight tooth and nail to protect Aughton & Downholland and the rest of West Lancashire and ask “Can you help with my campaign”.

In short, Wally, no, I can’t help you, not while your false accusation of we Aughtonians “telling lies door to door” still stands without public apology. Nor while your false libel, the one you admitted was made “in the public interest” also stands without withdrawal and apology. Put those two issues right, and who knows, the letter you sent that is heading for the shredder might be saved.

There is one issue in your letter that should shame your party. You state, in reference to the new Labour plan and its ambitions for new housing and industrial estates, and to take 1,500 acres of prime agricultural land out of our greenbelt, that “These are all part of Labour’s stated aim to builder a Greater Skelmersdale, notwithstanding the dire consequences for the rest of the Borough, particularly Aughton”. Well remind me again, Wally, wouldn’t your party commitment to develop Parrs Lane have also taken many acres of prime Aughton agricultural land out of our greenbelt for your 2013 ambitions? Why should Skelmersdale not be “greater” than your years in power achieved, or didn’t, as the case is?

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