Two Weeks And Counting Down For Serco Breach Of Planning Notice

Two weeks today Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, already awarded the WLR “Golf Plans Down The Pan”    prize, will have either complied with the WLBC Breach of Condition Notice Reference E/2015/0223/BCN dated 16 May 2018 to remove all excess material off land specified [former driving range] at Beacon Park Golf Course, or they will face automatic conviction in the Magistrates Court and be fined up to £2,500 for the offence. 

Visitors to the golf course will see there is no change to the landfill heap  created by Serco/Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd. Unless some secret dealing is being done with WLBC to either extend the Breach of Condition Notice or to leave the excess material where it is and lower its level within the confines of the old driving range, remains to be seen?

There has been much bleating of innocence by the Serco Chief Executive about how hard they are working with WLBC to resolve the issue. It’s a pity they haven’t matched the hard work of dumping the excess landfill with an effort to comply with planning and spell out where the landfill royalty cash is now residing. They are also awarded the WLR Carbuncle Golf Course Design Cup for 2018and retrospectively for every year of their contract.

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