Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 24, 2018

The Lesser-Spotted Skelmersdale Councillors

Ashurst has 3 Labour councillors; Birch Green has 2 Labour councillors; Digmoor has 2 Labour councillors; Moorside has 2 Labour councillors; Skelmersdale North has 2 Labour councillors; Skelmersdale South has 3 Labour councillors; Tanhouse has 2 Labour councillors. And there are 3 more at Up Holland.

That’s 16 Labour councillors for Skelmersdale. How many of them have been to see the current state of the WLBC owned Skelmersdale leisure facility, the Beacon Park Golf Course (BPGC)?

The situation created by the Serco Leisure Services Ltd and the West Lancashire Community Leisure Trust, referred to in WLBC Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee, referred to one year ago was that of “diversification/further development of Beacon Park”.

So, let’s examine this Labour controlled Committee that “RESOLVED: That the performance of West Lancashire Leisure/Serco for the previous 12 months be noted and the representatives be thanked for their presentation and attendance”.

The actual performance at BPGC is a litany of disaster. It includes golf buggies booked by members but not available; the club house bar often without ale and no re-ordering of stock because of bad payment records; the putting green is a joke; food is often not available, including eggs, bacon, bread, thus creating limited menus for Seniors’ after match meals; the new practice nets are dangerous , golf balls rebounding from the framework and hitting the clubhouse windows; people ‘bunking’ onto the course without paying leading to a serious loss of income; long grass on fairways; long grass on green fringes; course machinery taking ages to get repaired; course often being unplayable as a result of above; general public and golf societies getting refunds but not for annually paid up members; the Club  now closing at 3pm, it says 4pm on website; clubhouse TV, Sky cancelled; new aerial fitted weeks ago but TV does not work at all now; unavailability of broadband at club, which, if you can get it on a bus why not at the Beacon?

The effect of the landfill is a separate but serious issue, which will be the subject of another report. As for the question, how many Skelmersdale councillors have been to see this shambles? Answers on the back of a postage stamp! Perhaps they are obeying the order of Serco to keep out  ?

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