Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 24, 2018

MEPs’ Golden Goodbyes

Every British member of the European Parliament  will be given a golden handshake of at least £45,600 after Brexit with some long-serving MEPs pocketing as much as £182,400 from Brussels.

UK MEPs were briefed by officials in Strasbourg, who confirmed each one would get a “transitional allowance” of a payment of £7,600 for each year they have worked at the parliament. The payment is capped at a maximum of 24 months and a minimum of six months.

There are 73 UK MEPs, meaning that even at the most conservative estimate, the total paid out will be about £3.3 million. Other estimates put the figure to be paid after 29 March 2019 as high as £5.3 million.

Cheap as chips, good riddance! Oh, whoops, how many will end up in the “upper doss house” at Westminster?


  1. Astounding. More proof that politics is simply about self serving gravy train surfing as opposed to representing others.

    • These payments are terminal after long and highly paid attendance, because all they have to do is turn up. Did you ever hear from your MEP, or of him/her?

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