Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 23, 2018

What Links Knowsley, DCT Leisure, Serco, And The Beacon Park Golf Course?

Answer, VAT fraud and breach of planning permission. A Knowsley scaffolding company director from Lydiate has been sentenced for a near £100,000 VAT tax fraud. DCT Leisure Ltd that ran the Beacon Park Golf Course as leaseholder was liquidated owing £60,000 VAT, but never charged, after the “arrangements previously negotiated by DCT for the land drainage work with Oaklands leisure [Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd ] provided an opportunity to improve facilities, retain or increase future membership and increase income”. And from WLBC, Serco Leisure Operating Ltd, in breach of planning conditions, confirmed the subcontracting of the Beacon Park Golf Course landfill to Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd, a company connected but never charged, to a £100,000 unrecovered VAT fraud at UK Sports Parks Ltd .

Amanda Noble, 42, of Highbanks, must feel she was hung out to dry because, having lied on her VAT returns and submitted more than 40 false invoices to evade paying £98,000 from her company, she was sentenced to 16 months in jail, suspended for two years, ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid community work and a 10 day Rehabilitation Activity Requirement. The full amount owed to HMRC has now been repaid.

DCT Leisure Ltd held the lease from WLBC for the Beacon Park Golf Course. Serco Leisure Operating Ltd inherited the lease in 2012 and WLBC “Confirmed Serco have now concluded their discussions with Oaklands Leisure [Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd] and have been able to project a positive financial position in future years. However the initial years of the improvement works will require Serco to cover operating losses” and sub-contracted what has turned out to be the infamous land-fill scam to Oakland Golf and Leisure Ltd  the company that links back by directorship (Director Snellgrove, Jonathan Russell) to UK Sports Parks Ltd. 8 August 2009 Registered office changed on 08/08/2009 from 20 Rockery Rd Leeds LS18 5AS. Company dissolved 13 April 2016.

Now, the opportunity to “improve facilities, retain or increase future membership, and increase income” at Beacon Park Golf Course has come home to roost as the 6 month limit imposed on Serco Leisure Operating Ltd by WLBC to comply with a planning condition expires on 16 November. There is not one improved facility, membership is about to fall away in droves, and income is so low that bills cannot be settled.

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