Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 22, 2018

Cllr Owens Showed Razor Sharp Reactions?

Having just published the Labour report on the Motion to reduce the number of councillors, we find that “Cllr Owens (OWL)  was happy to demonstrate his razor sharp reactions to ensure it was he who seconded Labour Cllr Yates’ motion to reduce the total number of WLBC Councillors, at Wednesday’s full Council meeting.

“This policy was an OWL election commitment from our candidates last May. Naturally, OWL Councillors will always support good motions that align the desires and best interest of their electorate.

“80% of respondents to our survey in March agreed with our policy.
“Reducing the amount of WLBC Councillors by one-third (to 36 from 54), and reducing their allowance to the Lancashire average has been official policy for some time” says OWL Cllr Davis, who was also at the meeting. “I was happy to support this motion; I am pleased that another OWL policy has borne fruit”.

“OWL are free to pursue policies centred on West Lancs and it’s residents, not diktats from London HQ”.

So who DID second the Motion? The official minutes will clear the matter. We wait for the claims and counter claims from the contestants!

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