Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 19, 2018

Macron Insults The Nation That Fought For France

When World War 2 broke out my father, like many others, took part in the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) in France. And it was on 12 June 1940 when the French Army, then in command of the BEF, hoisted the white flag but the British soon took it down. But then the French Commanding Officer ordered the British to surrender. Some had to, others like my father escaped from Dunkirk. And he went back on D-Day in Normandy . I’ve checked his service records and for both entries into France he was not required to show a visa.

Pompous pipsqueaks often appear as national leaders. Such is the case of the President of France whose often ludicrous announcements aim to divide and conquer because we, the UK, voted to leave the EU.

He, Macron, now claims that “Measures would be taken to cover flights, ferries and businesses as well. A draft law has been tabled in the upper house of the French parliament that will let the government set new rules for Britons visiting France after Brexit. The draft suggests they will be treated as “third country” visitors, a similar category to Americans or Chinese. The preamble of the bill raises the possibility that visas may be imposed, for UK tourists and Britons living in France. But, in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the bill also gives the government the power to adapt or suspend the need for visas and residence permits for UK citizens. The legislation will also limit British citizens’ access to healthcare, welfare and restrict travel freedoms”.

The Prime Minister spoke with the French President over the phone this week before the EU council summit but there appears to have been no indication of the new legislation. The new laws will also require UK citizens and their children living in France to acquire new documents to remain in the country or else they will be deemed as being there illegally. According to the draft bill, the French government will take “appropriate measures regarding the situation of UK citizens in France”.

How appalling it is that we have such a weak and ineffective Prime Minister who ignores such jibes. She might even have a white flag to wave, for all we know?


  1. Excellent article.

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