Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 18, 2018

The Dreams Of Barrie French

Despite the Champion Letters  re-housing Barrie French from Ormskirk to Skelmersdale, which he denies, he’s reporting on a dream he recalls in fine detail, ranging from “the Queen opening the new Skelmersdale train station” to the “new Skelmersdale and Ormskirk Accident and Emergency Opening and saving three lives”.

He mentions a new Ormskirk Bypass, a new bus station, using Section 106 cash for cycle ways, and, no doubt his star project, a new Derby Street bridge. Just for good measure he hopes WLBC councillors will have their salaries cut and would like the savings spent on flowers on roundabouts and cutting grass verges.

And then he woke up. But ever the optimist he declares “sometimes dreams do come true”.

Sorry Barrie but in the world of local politics you should “expect the worst and get it”. The only winners are the planners and bean counters. As reported today we council tax payers are paying £500 annually in our council tax for council officers’ pensions. That’s not a dream, that’s reality.

Barrie also spotted this dangerous example  of the car on the pavement syndrome, parked almost against a tree forcing our disabled friend into traffic. No police, you see, but we might just spot them in OUR dreams?

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