Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 17, 2018

The Theresa May Humiliation Continues

Never mind that 17,401,742 votes were cast for the UK to leave the EU. Every day brings a new example of the EU’s failure to negotiate Brexit in good faith. Tonight, Sir Christopher Meyer , a distinguished diplomat, described the latest news as “This is another humiliation. How many more are we going to take? May should not have gone for 15 minutes to be told it’s for us to come up with fresh proposals. Enough”.

Refusing to agree how financial services should be conducted, despite the UK’s offer to allow EU firms based in the UK to continue trading as before. Being not prepared to grant import certificates to UK organic farmers until after Brexit, when there be a nine-month waiting period. Threatening to stop our aircraft from taking off and blocking Eurostar trains from entering the Channel tunnel.

The EU is revealing itself to be little better than an aggressive bully when it does not get its way. Then there’s the game-playing, with Barnier promising us the best ever trade deal one day and withdrawing the next.

Theresa May has told EU leaders she is prepared to consider extending the Brexit transition period as she called on them to show “courage” and come up with “creative” ideas to break the current deadlock.

At a summit in Brussels  the Prime Minister said Britain would be open to the idea of staying tied to the EU beyond the end of December 2020, even though that could mean paying billions more to Brussels.

Last week the Telegraph revealed that Barnier, the EU chief negotiator, had proposed extending transition by another year, to the end of 2021, to allow more time for a trade deal to be worked out. And on Wednesday Barnier said “much more time” was needed to find a solution to the Irish Border question”.

“What an utterly pathetic spectacle. The British PM begging the EU to stay in for yet another wasted year. How can the snivelling Tory party sit back and let this woman humiliate our country. She MUST go”. 

NB As usual, May kissing the EU Juncker is headline news again .


  1. The worst PM in living memory. A complete mess of a government.

    • I’ve lived a bit longer than some, and I recall awful PMs, but Major takes some beating as worst, as does Brown. May is clearly heading that way, her epitaph will be brief!

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