Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 12, 2018

Dismal Tory By-Election Result For Tanhouse

Labour  held Tanhouse at the By-Election yesterday with Ron Cooper receiving 464 votes, in which the Conservative candidate A L Blundell was dumped on, with only 49 votes! The Independent candidate Aaron Body received 129 votes.

The local Tory slide towards oblivion continues. Is 49 votes the lowest ever for any candidate in West Lancashire? No, also in Tanhouse July 1997, Tory 45 votes! Also, Tanhouse 2001, Tory 49 votes! 

Meanwhile, the OWLs  are reporting that “Scrutiny is important…which is why it is sad that the local Conservatives didn’t even bother with last night’s meeting of the Corporate Overview and Scrutiny committee. This is where questions can be asked regarding the Council’s officers and external providers and their performance. There are real challenges for West Lancs right now, and the so-called opposition are consistently and repeatedly falling way short – or not even bothering at all”.

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