Posted by: westlancashirerecord | October 12, 2018

Burscough Calls On WLBC To Defer Development

On 1 October WLR drew attention to the appointment of Jacobs  (as the authority’s framework consultancy) to undertake a study which will consider the catchment and surface water flood risk in Burscough. The commitment was welcomed by MP Rosie Cooper.

In view of the study, Burscough Parish Council has written to West Lancashire Borough Council “To John Harrison and copies to Kim Webber and Cllr John Hodson-:

“Dear Mr. Harrison,

“As you may be aware the Lead Local Flood Authority have commissioned drainage consultants Jacobs to survey and report on flooding problems in Burscough, through funding from DEFRA.

“In light of this we would ask that decisions on current applications in Burscough, with particular reference to 2018/0837/FUL Victoria Park, are deferred until the results of the survey are known! Our concerns with this application, as per our response, is that the proposed attenuation is not sufficient to prevent further flooding in the Crabtree Lane area, contrary to NPPF.

“A further consideration is that the results could impact on both the current and future SFRA’s plus the proposed replacement Local Plan, due shortly to go out to consultation.

“Yours Burscough Parish Council”

Jacobs is renowned for its world-wide  high class consultancy record.

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