It’s Nothing Short Of Criminal Say Beacon Park Golf Seniors

In this part 2 of our report on the letter written to the Serco Contract Manager by the Golf Club Senior players, expressions of disbelief are obvious. Never mind the protestations of the Serco Group Chief Executive with his claim to “have dedicated a considerable resource to resolving this situation to the best of our ability”. Any competent local management would never have allowed a breach of planning requiring service of a legal notice to occur at all! What system was used to check the level of landfill dumping? Lorry loads checked in, paperwork completed for payment of royalties and VAT, simple enough!    

The letter continues “The seniors section has no political axe to grind. Many of the members have retired from senior management positions within a variety of industrial contexts. It is with open-jawed amazement that they view the current position of Serco management removing the excess landfill, (which they have undoubtedly been paid for handsomely), onto the Beacon Park Golf course.

“It’s nothing short of criminal for SERCO management to now expect this huge amount of excess landfill  be moved onto the golf course with all the damage and disruption it will cause. Please can it not be left where it is now?

“The damage has been done and mistakes have been made, to move landfill onto the golf course will just cause further and unnecessary havoc.

“The green-keepers’ “lock up” which is inappropriately placed with poor security has AGAIN been broken into recently. Many vital small pieces of equipment were stolen. Some of this equipment is used to maintain the ‘green fringes’. As a result, the grass around the greens has been allowed to grow to ridiculous heights which prevented any kind of running golf shot. This was the case for our last competitive league match and allowed the visiting captain to comment about it in his after match speech. It was embarrassing”.

While Serco claim an investment of £72,000 in new greens equipment in 2016, and a new rough mower purchased for over £12,000 last month, breakdowns were incompetently dealt with. This machine  and others can be bought from  with no problem. 


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