Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 25, 2018

Money Galore, Still No SPIDs For Aughton

My word, how they, the Aughton Parish Council, wriggle out of using our, parishioners’, cash to buy the much needed and fought for SPIDs, as long as they can.

As previously reported “APC Cash and short term investments £117,857, total fixed assets plus long term investments £320,809, Total CIL Receipts Retained (Unspent) £7,356.73. Reported in May 2018 that “Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL): to receive notification of CIL receipts paid to the Parish Council April 2018 – £13,642.51 (development on land at Aughton Chase, Springfield Road ).

Minute 10986 July 2018 “WEST LANCASHIRE BOROUGH COUNCIL: a) Parish Council Capital Schemes 2018/2019: i) to report on the bid for partnership funding towards the provision of Solar Powered Speed Indicator Devices  and to receive and consider approval of the Terms and Conditions which apply to the grant funding (details circulated to members) – the successful bid was NOTED, ie £6000 – percentage grant rate 50% (£3,000 APC £3,000 WLBC) and it was AGREED to approve the Capital Grant Agreement (document executed as a deed) to be signed by the Clerk/Proper Officer. ii) to consider a Working Group – it was AGREED to set up a Working Group to consider the most appropriate locations for the Speed Indicator Devices (SpIDs), liaison with Lancashire County Council Highways, arrange site visits, etc. Additionally, consideration would be given to the use of CIL monies for SpIDs if the location(s) met the specific criteria. The Scheme would be reported back to the Parish Council for approval, once all issues relevant to the project had been completed”. 

Working Group…


  1. What a council. It looks more like there’s a fundamental resistance to support what residents actually want, and a preference to spoon feeding what the self-important council deems fit.

    • That’s it, in a nutshell. This is the council that wanted to close our police station and wanted no opposition to building on top quality agricultural land without a care in the world about adequate infrastructure.

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