Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 24, 2018

Active West Lancs

Have you heard about “Active West Lancs” that gives people of all ages the opportunity to embrace a healthier lifestyle? WLBC states “Building on existing projects, this service includes gym-based programmes, swimming, health walks , school activities, family workshops, after-school clubs, weight management programmes, community farming/allotments, taster and physical activity sessions.

“We run a wide range of activities across various settings such as leisure centres, community centres, parks & outdoor facilities, schools & community allotments in a bid to get our community more active”
You can imagine “Active Golf” being popular, but it is limited to GP referral only. WLBC says “Active Golf is a brand new initiative for you to be referred onto by your GP or medical practitioner. We will be holding weekly golf sessions on Fridays, 10.00am – 12.00pm at Beacon Golf Club, Upholland.

“Equipment can be borrowed on the day – no previous golf experience needed!! So if you fancy some fresh air, meeting new people and socialising, then have a chat with your GP and if you meet the criteria, you can be referred. Please note, this is the only programme that is soley GP Referral only”.

You might be worried about some possible activities there. Walking up the new 9hole feature might necessitate taking an oxygen bottle with you, and likewise if the new foot golf feature  is unlocked, although these features are not planned to open any time soon, guestimated to be in the next five years!

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