Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 22, 2018

Turf War?

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper has been contacted by residents of Drummersdale Lane in Scarisbrick  who have suffered from flooding and fearful of further incidents, which they believe is due to field runoff.

Rosie contacted Lancashire County Council and Her Majesty’s Land Registry to ascertain the owners of the field which could be the land responsible for causing the flooding, and it has been confirmed that this land is owned by Harrowden Turf, previously trading as Turfland.

In following up with the constituents’ case, Rosie has tried on several occasions to elicit a response from the turf growers, but none has been forthcoming. Concern has been raised over their conduct and respect for local residents and neighbours.

Rosie said “Residents of Drummersdale Lane have contacted me frightened and worried about the constant threat of flooding of their property due to the field  [copyright Mike Pennington] runoff at the rear of their property. After ascertaining who owns the land I’ve contacted Harrowden Turf directly on numerous occasions. They failed to turn up to a meeting with me and keep promising a written response which never arrives! This certainly calls into question their social responsibility and respect for their neighbours. I will continue to pursue this matter by any means necessary on behalf of the affected and concerned residents until they can be assured that the flooding of their properties, which may be due to the inaction of this company, is eradicated”.

The company is a collective of turf suppliers, as they state “Turfonline  combines the expertise of three of the largest turf growers in the UK with over 2,000 acres dedicated to turf production. Turfland Farms Ltd, based in Southport in the North West, Turfland-Stewarts Turf in Edinburgh, Scotland and Q Lawns based in Norfolk in the South East. The three companies now trade under the one name, Harrowden Turf.

“The geographic spread of the our turf farms is key to enabling an efficient nationwide delivery service and guarantees customers freshly harvested turf direct from field to site.

“Turfland Farms Ltd (Turfland) is at Moss Farm Heathey Lane. Birkdale Cop, Scarisbrick. The company statement declares the parent company to be Harrowden Farms Ltd in Kettering, Northamptonshire”.

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