Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 22, 2018

Theresa May Needs A Plan B

Poor Theresa May. After being brutally ambushed by EU leaders, apparently she will now have to fend off an assault from within her own Cabinet as ministers threaten to resign if she doesn’t come up with a Brexit ‘Plan B.  We in Aughton know all about Plan B! We had one. 

Former Labour MP Austin Mitchell writes “It’s properly European to give electorates which have voted against the EU the chance to purge their sin by re-voting and for those for whom Europe is a matter of religion it provides a last chance to stay in the welcoming arms of a benign EU. For Britain’s Europhile elite it looks democratic to allow the people to rectify their terrible mistake of voting to come out.

“Of course that would mean going back to a protective bloc, falling behind the rest of the world and shaped by the needs of France and Germany. That would mean a continued drain and a growing trade deficit for a nation which will have wasted two years arguing with itself and end any chance of reforming the EU to make it suit our needs too.

Then, why would they bother to make concessions to such a pathetic weak jellyfish of a nation which is resigned to accepting vassal status, when they’ve got so many other problems? Indeed, they could demand the final insult and treat our return as a new member with an obligation to join the euro, though no entitlement to cohesion funding”.

Get off your knees Theresa, and apply Plan B to the EU…”Plan Bugger Off!”. 

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