Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 22, 2018

Devastating Loss Of Greenbelt Will Lose Communities

Iain and Linda Mathie of Bickerstaffe have written to the Champion to relate their objections to the proposed Local Plan  as they believe it will affect Bickerstaffe. As residents of a small rural farming community they know it cannot sustain an influx of people on the scale proposed. As they write  “Gone will be the community aspect of village school, mission hall, pensioners’ days out. In short, the lifestyle of residents will be lost forever”.

This letter will be followed by many more. Every time a field growing crops is threatened there should, and will be, protests. When did you ever hear about more agricultural land being created? The Mathies’ describe how Bickerstaffe has suffered from a motorway being built that cut the parish in half, losing land and houses in the process; forced to suffer the eyesore of electricity pylons built across the parish; lost the bus service and post office; shops too. All that destruction and they have never had a gas supply. 

They say “If the officers making these decisions think it is morally acceptable to destroy our community and farmland, then they are either totally insane or blinded by the monetary incentives on offer”.

It is probably a combination of both!



  1. ‘When they came for Burscough’s Greenbelt I didn’t say anything, because it wasn’t my Greenbelt’…

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