Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 21, 2018

OWLs Fighting The Proposed New Local Plan

100+ people  were reported to have been in attendance at Tuesday nights OWL meeting for those wanting to fight the proposed Local Plan. The meeting was said to be a great success.

Led by OWL’s Cllr Owens , and accompanied by others  there was “a wide and varied discussion on the two possible ways we can change the ‘preferred options’ in the proposed Local Plan :
►Through the Inspectorate (highlighting the many flaws in the plan) and;
► Through the ballot box (voting in new Councillors who will reflect the will of residents).

“Organisation is happening quickly. We’ve got professionally qualified personnel, informal local groupings, fundraisers and many determined residents all lining up to fight these sweeping proposals that will change West Lancs forever – yet guarantee nothing in return. (with the likely exception of a swarm of developers and their legal teams.

“We have another meeting coming up next week at Skelmersdale Cricket Club for people concerned about the overwhelming development in Bickerstaffe and complete lack of any firm proposals for Skem. The group has made arrangements to meet again”.


  1. Good ole Ade Owens threw a big 2 fingered salute at Burscough people during the last Local Plan, telling them he’d spoken to people that agreed Yew Tree Farm needed building on (yes, really! They were anonymous of course…). He voted for that one at every opportunity and gave no concession. Except to Developers, obviously. Funny how times change.

    • The West Lancashire greenbelt faces an onslaught of building, but the fault lies with farmers who want to sell their land to developers. Yew Tree was an example, there are others all over the borough. Destruction of farming communities will be replaced by concrete, houses, roads, 2 cars per family of 4. No schools, surgeries, bus services, post offices. A lost era. How depressing!

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