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Official Minutes WLBC Cabinet Held Tuesday 11 September 2018


Representations were received from two residents in relation to the following item:- Agenda item 6(e) – Local Plan Review – Proposed Local Plan Preferred Options Consultation


Councillor J Hodson introduced the report of the Director of Development and Regeneration which sought authorisation to consult the public on the Council’s Preferred Options for a new Local Plan.

Minute No. 49 of the Planning Committee meeting held on 6 September 2018 was circulated at the meeting and in relation to minute 49 (B), the Portfolio Holder confirmed that an additional event would be held in the South Eastern Parishes.

A motion from Councillor J Hodson was circulated at the meeting.

At the invitation of Councillor J Hodson, the Director of Development and Regeneration and the Strategic Planning & Implementation Manager addressed the meeting to provide an outline of the local plan process.

In reaching the decision below, Cabinet considered the minute of the Planning Committee, the motion from Councillor J Hodson, the representations of Minute 27 above, the comments of the officers (Director of Development and Regeneration & Strategic Planning & Implementation Manager) and the details as set out in the report before it and accepted the reasons contained therein.

RESOLVED (A) That the agreed comments of the Planning Committee be noted.

(B) That the Local Plan Preferred Options document provided at Appendix C be approved for a six week public consultation exercise, subject to the revision of paragraph 3.12 in order to provide further clarification of the calculation for the housing requirement for the local plan.

(C) That the Director of Development and Regeneration, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Planning, be authorised to finalise and make amendments, prior to public consultation, to the Local Plan Preferred Options following consideration of any agreed comments from the Executive Overview & Scrutiny Committee.

(D) That call-in is not appropriate for this item as the report is being considered at the next meeting of the Executive Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 27 September 2018.


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