Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 12, 2018

What Goes Around Comes Around

Who will ever forget the events of 2013, the appearance of the Parrs Lane protestors  against a Tory Local Plan ? In those days the council was tipped off about a protest. Police were ready and waiting. Limit of 50 inside on safety issues, they said. 

Apart from the histrionics surrounding the events at WLBC last night, a local resident reported that approximately 150 Aughton, Ormskirk, and other residents attended the Council Chamber. No safety issue now then?

He writes “Cllr Ian Moran started the meeting by trying to force through the proposed 30 year plan and the substantial development of Aughton, Ormskirk, Bickerstaff, and elsewhere.

“Vocal members of the public demanded it to be thrown out, shouts of “disgrace”, “what about tenants consultation” were heard. The shouting got a little out of hand, all from frustrated residents.

“Then, the leader of the Labour Council Cllr Ian Moran, “decides to walk out of the Chamber” along with his deputy and others, it was like a “Re-Run of Custer’s Last Stand at the Battle of the little Big Horn” the Red Indians (local residents) surround the Chamber, with the Council Labour Leader and others including Cllr Hodson, trying to fight back, without success!

“Conservative Councillors including Westley, walked out in disgust at the Labour Council proposal… I think they should have remained and protested…

“Then, I think it was Kim Webber Managing Director, calls for reinforcements, the Lancashire Constabulary Cavalry arrives on behalf of the Labour Council leader Moran, four police vehicles and between 4-5 of our “Boys in Blue”… when you need a policeman, four arrive, just like buses…

“What a total farce…total disgrace, it looks like we’ve got no chance, they are determined to follow this through: Parrs Lane 900; Black Moss Lane through to St Helens Road 1100; student accom 1000; Tech Park; Bickerstaff 6000.

“My own thoughts are that “It’s Liverpool Labour controlled Council who are pulling all the strings, their Comrades, give us land for new housing and we’ll force the big builders (Redrow) to build houses in Skem, sweetener will be free up land for our friends Redrow in Aughton, Bickerstaff and other nice areas”.

“I can’t trust any of them, including Cllr Hodson, all well planned in advance over many, many months”.

This Local Plan issue is sure to run and run. The stakes are high. The land stalkers will be watching, and waiting…watch out for vultures…


  1. Who is “He writes”. brave person without name but who refers to me by name? I would be happy to talk with him if only he had the courage of ‘His’ convictions?

    • I think you know better than to ask for names of contributors to this website who are quoted. His contribution is as mentioned elsewhere, his recollection of a confused and illogical evening brought about by festering concerns about this new Local Plan is valid comment. An earlier comment that uses unacceptable language is about to be removed. “He” you refer to, can contribute with consent.

  2. Then ‘He’ is a coward like the bullies in the Council Chamber last night. Good in a crowd, meek in isolation.

    • I’m sorry to read this comment, that a current Labour elected member makes an accusation that cannot be justified. Merely by not being named by WLR, so someone is a coward, is uncalled for.

  3. Then don’t post derogatory comments credited anonymously. Thats what the OWLs do, make statements and hide behind a false ID. Justified.

    • I’m sorry to contradict you, Cllr Hodson, but no OWL contributed any statement on WLR made today. No OWL hid behind a false identity on WLR today, and no suggestion to the contrary is justified. You might be best advised to ask IF it was an OWL, the answer is no. When WLR writes about OWL it will not appear in comments.

  4. I did not say ‘He’ was an OWL, my point is that I don’t mind people posting anonymously so long as they don’t mention others by name in a derogatory manner. I made the point about OWL’s as they often respond in this manner on their Facebook page, sometimes its ‘We’ sometimes its ‘I’. you never know who you are addressing. I personally have never posted anonymously.

    • Thanks John, but just to be clear, this website allows comments that advise on and hopefully improve what is contained in articles published by me. That being said, refer back to your own comment on OWLs that I contradicted. As for “their Facebook page”, I just spent a while reading the Labour Facebook. How surprising it is to find derogatory messages there too. Or perhaps not?

  5. You are welcome, I was not being critical of you, I just don’t like anonymous derogatory comments, anywhere actually across any medium including letters pages in the local press!

    • As a rule of thumb, I suggest that when in a hole, stop digging. I’m not sure what I am supposed to be welcome to, but I can assure you I will do and say as I think fit on this website whereas others comment at my discretion.

  6. I was merely being polite? “You are welcome” in response to your “Thanks John”. My reference to OWL’s was analogous, I didn’t say “He” was an OWL?

    • This thread is terminated. Any further comments will be deleted.

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