Posted by: westlancashirerecord | September 11, 2018

Oh, What A Night, In Aughton

Highlight of the evening at the Aughton Parish Council was surely the appearance of County Cllr Iddon , who drew the short County Cabinet straw of Highways and Transport portfolio. After all, what affects local residents more than poor roads, potholes, uncleared gullies, flooding, and sheer neglect leading to damaged cars? But hope springs eternal, and with his manager to help, he strove to stem the complaints.

Attending were Borough Cllrs Wally Westley, Mrs Wally Westley and Mrs Stephenson. And County Cllr Greenall. No sign of Borough Cllr Currie or Borough /County Cllr O’Toole. Which, for Cllr O’Toole, was just as well.

Cllr Iddon was helpful to the extent that his national Tory party is like scrooge, not enough money for the eradication of potholes and resurfacing. Roads and pavements will be patched. Did we know that for the whole county, thousands of miles, there are only 10 gully cleaning tankers . No we didn’t but we do now.

And the inevitable questions about gullies/flooding led to the claim by an angry resident that he had sent Cllr O’Toole 3 emails about a blocked gully. No response from O’Toole, Shocking dereliction of duty. Too many hats, too little time, pay OK though!

Before Cllr Iddon left us our two Aughton Park Tory councillors, known locally as the gruesome twosome, indicated their wish to speak. Cllr Mrs Wally Westley wanted to know if LCC followed up with utilities that dig up roads and pavements and leave them unlevelled and unfinished, Yes, absolutely, contracts entitle us to have them corrected. Cllr Doreen Stephenson asked about an overgrown pathway near to Aughton Park station, could LCC have it cut back. Which footpath, asked LCC, what is its number. The one along the side of the station, said Cllr Stephenson. But LCC doesn’t have a footpath there! Whoops, it’s on private land, nowt to do with LCC. Cllr Stephenson, deflated, probably wished she was [still] asleep ?

Having left us with every hope but little belief of some salvation Cllr Iddon left us to go for a pint but he’d like to hear from us with complaints! And, sods law quickly came to pass, as this morning floods have occurred, gullies are blocked, and Cllr Iddon received at least one email. I bet he wishes he’d never given out his email address?


  1. Shameless Doreen. What a disgrace Stephenson is. Given the boot by her last constituency, only to be parachuted into safe tory stronghold Aughton. Even tory Aughton didn’t deserve that!

    • Indeed, Halsall reject ends up in Tory Aughton Park, sleeps on the job, paid nevertheless, outrageous.

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