Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 30, 2018

Burscough FC Development Application

2018/0837/FUL is an interesting application at the Burscough AFC Victoria Park Mart Lane Burscough  for the “Demolition of existing football ground, social club and associated buildings. Erection of 52 new dwellings including; 11no. 2-bed houses for affordable rent, 4no. 2-bed houses for shared ownership, 21no. 3-bed houses for shared ownership, 6no 4-bedhouses for shared ownership and 10no. 2-bed apartments for affordable rent for those over 55 years old”.  

The application Statement includes “Draft Burscough Neighbourhood Plan 5.6 Burscough Parish Council is progressing the preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan to cover the period 2015 – 2027. The Parish Council undertook public consultation on a pre-submission (Regulation 14) draft of the Neighbourhood Plan between 11 August and 6 October 2017. Following this the Plan is likely to be amended and then submitted to the Sectary of State followed by the holding of a referendum. Given the current status of the Plan it cannot be afforded weight in the determination of this planning application”. Really?

Gavin Rattray writes “Unfortunately, the neighbourhood plan which supports the retention of Victoria Park, and therefore the wishes of the vast majority of residents, is still draft years after writing it commenced.

“One of the reasons for the delay was the unfortunate frequent run of absences from meetings by the then chair of the neighbourhood planning group Councillor Roger Bell. Another Councillor described it as the “disappearance of Roger Bell”.

“You couldn’t make it up”.

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