Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 23, 2018


Frack-off is all the rage as protests grow against the “big brother” revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) published on 24 July.

In Malton , North Yorkshire, its mayor is making an attempt to take the government to judicial review over fracking. Paul Andrews has so far raised £10,142 through a crowd funding page., but he is on his own as “Malton Town Council wishes to clarify its position concerning the mayor’s personal legal challenge against planned Government changes as to how fracking applications are handled. The legal action being undertaken by Councillor Paul Andrews is in his own name as a private individual and is not in the name of Malton Town Council or in Councillor Andrews’ capacity as mayor. There are no financial implications whatsoever for Malton Town Council”.

Mr Andrews said the government “Seeks to impose an unacceptable level of government control on local planning applications and will significantly reduce the ability of democratically elected local councils to establish their own parameters for fracking in their area”.

Meanwhile, campaign group Talk Fracking , led by designer Dame Vivienne Westwood and her son Joe Corré, has issued a pre-action legal letter to Communities Secretary James Brokenshire challenging the legality of the revised National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) published on 24 July. The pre-action letter said Mr Brokenshire had failed to carry out a strategic environmental assessment of fracking planning policy, failed to consult fairly and failed to demonstrate the NPPF paragraph was compatible with the UK’s climate change obligations.

West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper recently said “I am absolutely clear that all these multinational companies be they online, retail or fracking, must pay their taxes and not conjure up elaborate workarounds to avoid tax which should be going to fund public services including our roads, our schools and importantly our NHS. When the Government recently gave the green light for Cuadrilla to frack at Preston New Road, one key consideration was the financial resilience of the company. In the unfortunate event of Aurora’s application progressing that far, I would hope this strict financial consideration is more strongly enforced and a substantial deposit be demanded in support of any potential Decommissioning Cost liability.

“I oppose all plans to frack in this country and like many residents, I am worried by Aurora’s plans to frack here in Altcar, West Lancashire. Already I have contacted Lancashire County Council, the Environment Agency and Public Health England to raise my concerns over the impact fracking would have on my constituents in West Lancashire and I continue to work closely with local anti-fracking groups.

“As part of the campaign, I have invited the Shadow Energy Secretary Barry Gardiner MP to join me on site in Altcar to consider the many, many concerns and hear directly from residents of West Lancashire. This is the tip of the iceberg, if Altcar goes to plan, Ormskirk, Burscough or Skelmersdale could be next”.

West Lancashire Labour members and councillors  recently went out learning some facts about the plans for Fracking in Altcar, West Lancashire. They said “Members from the anti Fracking group The Moss Alliance were happy to show us the location and discuss the huge impacts Fracking would have on residents across West Lancashire. Just one of a number of planned activities and action we will be taking to oppose the destruction of our countryside through Fracking and its associated health hazards. Our thanks to The Moss Alliance for their time”.


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