Posted by: westlancashirerecord | August 19, 2018

Talking Of Unnecessary By-Elections?

It’s difficult to understand the logic behind a claim from one local political party leader that a by-election was unnecessary because of a resignation by an elected member of another local political party.

If an elected member, in this case a member for Knowsley Ward, didn’t want to be a councillor, that was her right. Being more specific about it doesn’t change the decision, so we council tax payers cough up the circa £8,000 cost regardless. This by-election was held on 26 July.

Hypocrisy and sanctimonious rubbish follows that local political party leader around, and he appears not to notice it. An elected member of his own party, in this case a member for Hesketh-with-Becconsall, also resigned, just a few weeks after the May borough elections. That by-election on 19 July also cost us circa £8,000.

In this case the resigning member WAS more specific. He’d been collecting two annual member allowances by being elected on two different borough councils. On resigning he said “this was due to a private and personal reason which will remain private”. And in the light of his double allowances the other sanctimonious rubbish from his leader about the new candidate for Knowsley ward working part time for the Borough MP to supplement his earnings is just that.

The leader in question, Cllr D Westley, has also supplemented his own political earnings when he was both a WLBC and LCC elected member and also received some of those “special responsibility allowances” that in a good year paid him circa £29,000, not to mention the gravy train . Hypocrisy and sanctimony indeed!

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