Aughton Parish Council Short Meeting

A Short Meeting Of The Aughton Parish Council  Will Be Held On Monday, 13 August 2018, At Aughton Village Hall Annexe, Commencing At 7.30pm For Planning, Parish Finance And Urgent Matters Only. Some hopes of that, with 16 planning cases to consider!


1. APOLOGIES – to receive and approve.

2. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST – if a member requires advice on Declarations of Interest, he/she should contact the Clerk in advance of the meeting.

3. MINUTES OF MEETING HELD 9 JULY 2018, copies circulated prior to meeting – to receive and approve.

4. MATTERS ARISING FROM MINUTES (for information only).

5. VACANCIES IN THE OFFICE OF PARISH COUNCILLOR: to complete the final stage of the co-option process.

6. PLANNING: a) Weekly List Items – to receive and consider – view plans on b) Appeals/Planning Control c) Planning Committee – to receive report on Meeting held 26 July 2018 d) Notification of New Addresses: Site Location – land at the junction with Long Lane/Aughton Park Drive – consultation.


8. LANCASHIRE ASSOCIATION OF LOCAL COUNCILS: a) Policing Survey launched on-line Friday 27 July-Monday 10 September by the Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner ‘Confidence in policing and local priorities’ questionnaire (details circulated prior to meeting) – view

9. ACCOUNTS – to receive and approve.

10. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – to confirm.

PUBLIC QUESTION TIME – at a convenient time, normally shortly after the opening of the meeting, the Chairman will adjourn the meeting (for a short interval at his discretion) to allow any members of the public who are residents in Aughton (or such other persons in the Chairman’s absolute discretion) to address meeting.

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