Labour Retains Knowsley Ward After Amazing OWLs Voting Increase

OWLS  had a massive increase in support for Kate Mitchell at Knowsley Ward. The result:

LAB: 41.3% (-9.6)
OWL: 35.2% (+19.9)
CON: 23.5% (-10.3)

Labour HOLD. Turnout: 34.5%. Another blow for Conservatives, clearly being led into oblivion!

Gareth Dowling Labour 641

Kate Mitchell Our West Lancashire 567

Jeffrey Vernon Conservative 364

May 2018

Michelle Aldridge Labour 1014

Jeffrey Vernon Conservative 673

Kate Mitchell Our West Lancashire 306

Time was when the Conservative Party won Knowsley ward seats. Lea 2008, Hopley 2010, Bailey 2011, but Oliver was a Labour win in 2012, followed by Dowling 2014, Hennessy 2015, Yates 2016.

But today, dumped down to third, Conservatives see their leader embroiled in a spat reported on the Champion front page. Not a major policy issue, just who claims credit for the Labour “U-Turn” on waste collection blue bins .

Readers might remember when the Conservatives led the way in local politics. Now, reduced to trying to pick up crumbs and scraping the barrel for positive news to report, their slide towards oblivion in Ormskirk must concern the membership?

In its Spring Newsletter Westley stated “The second task is the Election Campaign for West Lancashire Borough Council on the 3rd May 2018. The planning and organisation required to run an effective campaign for the local elections is considerable but I am pleased to say everything is well in hand including the approval and selection of our candidates”.


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