Policing of Cuadrilla Shale

So, Cuadrilla has received final hydraulic fracture consent from the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) for its first horizontal shale gas exploration well at its Preston New Road site in Lancashire. All other relevant planning and permits required were already secured. The company is now in the process of preparing to apply for consent to carry out hydraulic fracturing operations for its second horizontal shale gas exploration well at the same site. It is, they claim, a win for Lancashire, which has already benefited directly from over £10m of investment as a result of our exploration works at Preston New Road to date.

And the council taxpayers of Lancashire are paying over £5.6million for policing and Cuadrilla security. Where’s the justice, you might ask, when the so-called investment benefit is actually lost, not gained. And before we know where we are there will be sites all over Lancashire. So what can we look forward to? Scenes like this, , people creating this , this  and this  all from the USA, the price of progress! 

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