Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 23, 2018

Planning Committee To Decide Contentious Applications

The WLBC Planning Committee meets on Thursday to hear some applications that might be assumed to be contentious. One, a change of use of a barn to a pet crematorium at  Winifred Lane Aughton, was to be determined under the Council’s delegation scheme. The Aughton Parish Council did not object to it, but 19 local residents did. However, Councillor O’Toole “has requested it be referred to Committee to consider the impact on surrounding residents. It is considered to be acceptable in principle and in compliance with Policy GN1 of the West Lancashire Local Plan. The proposal is considered to be appropriate to the location and will not have a significant impact on the character or appearance of the surrounding area or on the amenity of neighbouring properties. Suitable planning conditions will be added to any approval to ensure landscape and highway works are carried out appropriately. The proposed development is considered to be compliant with the NPPF and Policies GN1, GN3, EC2, IF2, EN4 and EN2 of the West Lancashire Local Plan 2012-2027 DPD. 3.0 RECOMMENDATION: APPROVE subject to conditions”.

Another contentious application is at “Bridge Farm Dale Lane Northwood Kirkby Liverpool Knowsley L33 3AU PROPOSAL Change of existing pasture land to a golf facility incorporating a new floodlit driving range with covered practice bays and administration office; a nine hole par 3 golf course; an adventure golf course and parking provision. This application to change the use of the land to a golf facility is considered to be unacceptable as insufficient ecological and wintering bird surveys have been carried to determine whether the proposed development would affect internationally designated sites, their qualifying features and supporting habitat. In addition, the proposed engineering operations to re-grade the land are considered to be harmful to the visual amenity and landscape character of the Green Belt. Furthermore, insufficient information has been submitted to assess whether or not a suitable and safe access to the site can be provided for vehicles, HGVs and pedestrians. The development will also result in the loss of high quality agricultural land, and it has not been demonstrated that areas of lower quality land could not accommodate the development. Consequently, I consider that the proposal does not accord with the NPPF and policies GN1, GN3 and EN2 of the Local Plan and as such should be recommended for refusal. 2.0 RECOMMENDATION: That planning permission be REFUSED.


And an application for the Pilkington Technology Centre Hall Lane, Lathom, “Installation and operation of a solar installation and associated infrastructure.  [pic webaviation] APPLICANT Lightsource SPV 40 Ltd This is a full application for planning permission for a solar farm in two separate locations to provide electricity to the NSG Technical Centre. Elements of the development would constitute inappropriate development in the Green Belt and would impact on openness, however, the very special circumstances put forward by the applicant have been found to outweigh this harm. There would also be a limited level of harm to the setting of the Lathom Park Conservation Area which is outweighed by the public benefits that would arise from the development. On balance, the siting of the proposed solar arrays is considered acceptable and there would be no undue harm to residential amenity. Subject to suitable planning conditions there would not be an adverse impact on archaeology, ecology and drainage. RECOMMENDATION: APPROVE subject to conditions.

It could be a late finish for the committee members and public?

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