Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 23, 2018


You might be wondering what FFS means, as reported in the Champion ? Not what you MIGHT have thought, but it means “For our Future’s Sake” as in the future of Edge Hill University students affected by Brexit. Now these students may have already voted on 23 June 2016, in the referendum that resulted in a simple majority of 51.9% (of people who voted) being in favour of leaving the EU. The government of that time had promised to implement the result, and it initiated the official EU withdrawal process on 29 March 2017, which puts the UK on course to leave the EU by 30 March 2019. A previous referendum had taken us into the “common market”.

According to the local university union vice-president, FFS wants a “peoples’ vote” on Brexit. They are frustrated, and believe that a peoples’ vote on the terms of the deal is the only way forward “to show that this is not the future that young people want”. Perhaps they might be better informed about EU youth employment than the EU itself, which declares Greece to have 42.3% youth un-employment, Spain 35%, Italy 31.7% and it goes on ad infinitum. But Germany, the major beneficiary of the UK trade deficit, has a mere 6.4% youth un-employment rate.

Perhaps the students believe a former, appalling, prime minister, John Major who is apparently reigniting Project Fear, which got it so wrong with its tax payer funded country-wide leaflet drop propounding its totally unfounded woes? Are 17,419,742 peoples’ votes now to be disregarded on a whim of a students’ union?

Strangely enough many old people still have a future too, but they might want a future outside the EU? After all, they’ve experienced it long enough to know how poor this country really is? And, they didn’t demand a second bite of the referendum cherry!

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