Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 12, 2018

Members Of The Public Cannot Attend More Council Business

The Agenda for the  Corporate and Environmental Overview and Scrutiny Committee tonight lists a series of subjects during which the public will be excluded.

BT LANCASHIRE SERVICES ANNUAL REVIEW 2017/18 To consider the report of the Director of Housing and Inclusion

QUARTERLY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS Q4 2017-18 To consider the report of the Borough Transformation Manager and Deputy Director of Housing and Inclusion

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT IN SERVICE DELIVERY REVIEW For The Committee to continue its work on Community Involvement in Service Delivery.

MEMBER DEVELOPMENT COMMISSION MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING To consider the minutes of the Member Development Commission meeting held on 15th March 2018.

WORK PROGRAMME – FUTURE MEETINGS To consider the report of the Borough Solicitor

So much for transparency! The same exclusion of the public applies to the Extraordinary Cabinet and Full Council on 18 July when one item stands out, LEISURE FACILITY AND CONTRACT PROCUREMENT, and also MOOR STREET GATEWAY REDEVELOPMENT and DELIVERING THE SKELMERSDALE TOWN CENTRE SCHEME. 


  1. I thought the vile Tories were bad enough when it came to secret meetings, but Labour are really showing them how it’s done! Stalin himself would be proud.

    • They all preach transparency, but it doesn’t exist. The Beacon Park Golf Course is typical, a secret deal done with Serco, landfill income gone to private pockets, while Skelmersdale cries out for sports facilities, it’s obscene.

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