Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 12, 2018

English Independence By Flag?

Scottish and Welsh MPs are seemingly furious after Parliamentary Officials unveiled plans to repaint the England flag on Big Ben, but the Union Jack will NOT be included in the new design. The Parliamentary authorities are restoring the Big Ben Tower and St George’s flag will be picked out prominently above the famous Great Clock face . But it seems to have angered Scottish MPs that there is no union flag or the Saltire on the tower.

The move was announced just hours before the England team was due to take on Croatia in the semi final of the World Cup. The authorities insisted the design is merely returning to the original Victorian colour scheme and that the Scottish thistle, Welsh leek and Northern Irish shamrock symbols will also be present.

The coloured emblems were originally painted on the London landmark, but became blackened with the pollution and thick smog which smothered London during the Victorian times. It is believed that officials decided to paint the details black in the 1930s or earlier to save on upkeep but now they will be returned to their original glory for the first time in nearly a century.

But the decision drew howls of anger as the union flag does not feature anywhere. No surprise that SNP MP Pete Wishart said “This is a welcome boost for Scottish independence as Westminster prepares to become an England-only parliament. People will, however, be forgiven for thinking that transition began long ago  as Scotland continues to be sidelined and ignored on the biggest issues facing our country”. And Plaid Cymru Welsh Assembly member Simon Thomas tweeted ‘Well that’s certainly telling the rest of us where to go”.

It is the first time in more than 30 years that a significant renovation has been undertaken and the colours of the St George flag have not been visible in living memory. Long suffering England surely needs its own Parliament, is now the time?

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