Posted by: westlancashirerecord | July 11, 2018

May Not Bringing Brexit Home A Bad Omen?

Henry Smith  Tory MP for Crawley writes “Last year I stood on an election promise to deliver the British people’s 2016 referendum decision (by the largest number in our democratic history) to leave the EU, ECJ, Customs Union, Single Market and open border access. I work for my constituents and country first, and always”.

But now, ahead of England’s World Cup semi final match against Croatia on Wednesday, Mr Smith has used Twitter to complain of an invite he had received from Chief Whip Julian Smith on behalf of No 10. The problem? He had been invited to watch the England match at Downing Street but given that May ‘isn’t bringing Brexit home’ he thought it would be a ‘bad omen’ to attend. 

“Received this invite  to watch tomorrow’s England-Croatia World Cup semi-final in 10 Downing Street. Seeing as the Prime Minister isn’t bringing Brexit home I’m concerned attending would be a bad omen for football coming home…I’ll pass”.

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